The wild flower camp team. 

At Wild Flower Camp, we're fixed on making your experience more than special, in doing so, we have joined forces with South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and Bird Life International South Africa to bring you a remarkable environment experience that is out of this world. Helene Preston, local botanical expert and member of SANBI will be leading you on floral wanders, identifying botanical treasures that are endemic to the area and presenting with an extraordinary learned immersion. Dr. Giselle Murison, Project Manager for the Western Cape Estuaries Conservation Project will be your bird guide, assisting you in discovering this pristine habitat of vlei nesting birds.  

Helene Preston   Botanical Specialist Guide

Helene Preston 

Botanical Specialist Guide

Dr. Giselle Murison  Birding Specialist Guide 

Dr. Giselle Murison

Birding Specialist Guide 


To make the experience even more exceptional you will be joined by Andrew Bance from Pangaea Tribe, he will be your Field guide, camp manager and stargazing extraordinaire. Chante Bradfield from Cape Living Collection, will be cooking delicious Cape Style dishes in our Veld Kitchen using locally sourced ingredients & Interior Decorating our tents and mess areas. Ozzy Yerlikaya from travel designer will be serving up his famous sunset gin celebrations on the banks of the Berg river and treating us to an exceptional coffee appreciations to get the days started right. We will also be paid a visit by Kersefontein's farmer and land owner Julian MelckKirsten Boswell is your camp concierge, she will be making you feel right at home in your new veld residence. There will even be a campfire music performer but we’ll leave that one for surprise.


Andrew Bance

Camp Manager and Field Guide



Chante Bradfield

Veld Kitchen Chef 




Ozzy Yerlikaya

Experience specialist

Coffee & Gin Extraordinaire 



Kirsten Boswell

Camp Concierge



Julian Melck

Kersefontein Farmer

Land Owner